We are committed to introducing innovative drugs from global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, so as to bring new treatment methods to patients in China, South Korea and other countries or regions. In addition, we are also committed to independent drug research and development. We have established Shanghai R&D Center and Shenzhen R&D Center. Many experts in our R&D team come from experts and engineers from Johnson & Johnson and other well-known companies and university research institutions. Under the guidance of world-renowned experts, the design will be quickly turned into a qualified and sufficient sample for evaluation of druggability. The on-site team has rich experience in the early discovery and evaluation of protein drugs, and has participated in the development and preparation of multiple antibody drugs and fusion protein drugs.

Based on the concept of "fast-follower", we select projects that have a certain degree of clinical proof of concept or a minimum degree of proof of mechanism of action, with emphasis on the fields of oncology and immunological diseases. Fontacea is flexible in focusing on establishing a pipeline for China that minimizes risks. , In order to improve the competitiveness of Chinese biological products in the international market.

Better affordable medicines for patients in China and beyond.