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Fontacea Shenzhen R&D Center settled in Shenzhen International Biological Valley Life Science Industrial Park

The industrial park is led by Professor Bernard Roizman, an academician of the American Academy of Sciences, Medical College, and Inventor Academy, and a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and is jointly built by six top academicians and core scientists in the medical microbiology field in the United States. Fontacea will use the platform to develop innovative drugs with independent intellectual property rights.

The beginning of building Fontacea Shanghai antibody research and development platform

Cell bank: store in multiple locations to reduce risks;

Quality inspection: re-testing of key indicators and quality testing of innovative drugs;

Antibody tests: early drug screening and evaluation research.

Shandong Fontacea Pharmaceutical Institude Co. Ltd. ('Institute') was founded to work with local biomedical enterprises in Shandong to accelerate the development of Shandong biomedical industry.

Fontacea established Shandong Fontacea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., in partnership with Shandong Development Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Jinan Industrial Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Shandong Fontacea Investment Fund Co., Ltd. was founded.

Fontacea co-developed fontacea.com with Jinan Hi-tech Innovation Service Center and Jinan Pharm Valley Industrial Park.

Fontacea was founded in Jinan, Shandong. Fontacea's name is a combination of fountain (symbol of the city where Fontacea is located) and panacea (meaning 'source of elixir').


April-2021—Fontacea Pharmaceuticals(Shanghai) Co., Ltd announced strategic partnership with Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals(Nantong) Co., Ltd.

Through this strategic cooperation, Thousand Oaks will provide all-round service including preclinical process development, IND, production and preparation of clinical samples, phase III clinical process development, BLA regarding biopharmaceutical antibody project and services in commercialized production.

This cooperation will enable both companies to draw on each other’s strengths, promoting the development and commercialization of  IL-17A monoclonal antibody and following innovative biopharmaceuticals projects. In addition, Thousand Oaks will surely provide customized culture medium of clinical and listed products for a long time. With integrative cost control plan, Thousand Oaks will provide help so that our products can go on the market and benefit patients as soon as possible.

Officially started producing  clinical samples of FTC001

1、Produced the first batch of 500L substance of FTC001.

2、Signed the contract for production of clinical samples with Thousand Oaks Biopharmaceuticals (Nantong) Co., Ltd.

Accomplished 50L process development of FTC001, with products meeting the quality standards

Completed 15L process development of FTC001.

Completed the screening of FTC001 culture medium, and JSBiosciences was the supplier of culture medium.

1. Nanjing CR Medicon Technology Co., Ltd. completed the GAP analysis report on the registration and application of IL-17A monoclonal antibody drugs in China.

2. Completed the filing of IL-17A monoclonal antibody drug patent licensing contract in the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Signed a process optimization and development research contract with Wuxi Apptec Co., Ltd

1, Completed the filing of IL-17A monoclonal antibody drug patent licensing contract in the China National Intellectual Property Administration.

2. Started the importation and transportation of cell bank from Janssen Biotech.

Shandong Fontacea Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Janssen Biotech Company held a global project kick-off meeting.

Shandong Fontacea Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. signed an exclusive license, development and commercialization agreement with Janssen Biotech, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.


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