Biological drug development QA (reserve)

Job description

1.To participate in the establishment, development and improvement of the quality system; Participate in the drafting and review of quality management documents, and supervise the implementation;

2.Supervise the quality and safety of R & D site, including site recording, equipment management, daily maintenance and personnel operation;

3.Participate in reviewing the reliability of R&D data;

4.Check and review the compliance of the original records, and put forward rectification suggestions.

   Job requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in biomedicine;

2.Engaged in biological drug research and development related technical work, with more than two years of biological research and development QA experience;

3.Familiar with drug development process, drug registration laws and regulations, drug development guidelines, understand the drug production quality management standards;

4.Strong communication and coordination skills;

5.Good document writing skills.

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