DMPK Director


Job Description

1. Engaging in DMPK-related work;

2. Responsible for the design, operation, result analysis and reporting of DMPK experiment;

3. Proficient in using LC/MS/MS and other related instruments;

4. Skilled at analyzing results and calculating PK parameters, and able to provide high-quality DMPK data in support of new drug application;

5. Organization, planning, implementation and management of DMPK research projects, which include those outsourced;

6. Other DMPK research-related work as arranged by the superior for the purpose of the Company's business needs.

    Job Requirements

1. Holding a master's degree or above in Pharmacy, Pharmacokinetics, Biochemistry and other related majors; those having work experience are preferred;

2. Familiar with drug R&D process, and having directly engaged in DMPK-related work; those once working in a CRO are preferred;

3. Able to independently design, complete and analyze DMPK experiments, as well as to write relevant professional reports with high proficiency in English;

4. Conscientious, highly motivated, good at communication, and well capable of learning new things and solving problems.

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