Medicine Director


Job Description

1. Collecting, analyzing and sorting out advanced medical information and resources, and developing clinical strategies for products;

2. Working with other departments to write clinical subject application documents and make open reply;

3. Providing medical expertise in related fields to support the transformation of academic achievements;

4. Applying for participating in official consultation meetings and attending them;

5. Establishing and maintaining partnership with academic leaders in medical field and collecting medical insights on certain fields/products.

     Job Requirements

1. Holding a master's degree or above in majors related to full-time clinical medicine;

2. At least three (3) years of working experience in relevant positions;

3. Able to independently look up relevant literature and prepare all kinds of required reports;

4. Observing work ethics, honest and dedicated, able to work under pressure, and highly capable of learning and innovating;

5. Able to carry out quality control, give training and presentations.

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