QA (analysis-oriented)


Job Description

1. Familiar with HPLC, GC, UV and other analytical instruments, and able to assist in developing analytical methods and reviewing development reports;

2. Able to review and approve the quality standards of R&D products, as well as design and review schemes for testing the stability of samples;

3.Familiar with QC laboratory management, and owning good experimental skills;

4. Using and maintaining experimental instruments on a daily basis, assisting instrument management department in removing faults, and managing analytical instruments through regular maintenance and preventive maintenance;

5. Assisting in establishing laboratory and management system;

6. Analyzing experimental data and independently reviewing experimental reports.

    Job Requirements

1. Majoring in Biology, Molecular Biology or similiar;

2. Holding a bachelor degree or above;

3. More than three (3) years of work experience in analyzing bio-pharmaceutical R&D.

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