Senior leaders attended "Innovative Medicine Investment Seminar"

Senior leaders of Fontacea, Yanliang Chu, Xiaoli Chai, and Liang Li, attended the Innovative Medicine Investment seminar in Nanjing which is hosted by CPU from September to December in 2019.The seminar provides sound knowledge of innovative medicine investment management, research and development.

As the innovative medicine market is growing vigorously, CPU and Ming Jia capital who is the leading capital service platform hosted this seminar together. Its aim is to help investors to understand more about innovative medicine project, to assess research risks and to grasp market opportunities.

While attending the seminar, senior managers were invited to present Fontacea projects. Fontacea have a clear idea in developing pattern and model after discussing with industry experts about project prospection, key technology and market applications. Fontacea has gained confidence from this seminar and is determined to develop and launch the new drug.

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