Yanliang Chu, welcomes Mark Winnett as Management Consultant to Fontacea

Mr Yanliang Chu, chairman of Shandong Fontacea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., (“Fontacea”, based in Jinan, Shandong), and Mr Mark Winnett, CEO of Biotech Leadership Consulting, LLC (“BLC”, based in Horsham, Pennsylvania) executed an agreement for management consulting services on August 7, 2019. “The R&D management expertise that Mr. Winnett brings to our project is as important as his knowledge of this asset to achieving our goal of building a high performing drug development team,” said Mr. Chu. “I am honored by this opportunity to help Fontacea bring advanced therapeutic products to patients in China and neighboring countries, said Mr. Winnett.

Mr. Winnett, a 30 year veteran of the R&D, biotech, and pharmaceutical industry, is a proven leader of cross functional teams that collaborate, innovate, and adapt quickly. He has worked on dozens of drug development projects in 6 countries, with a focus on immunology and oncology. His final assignment was to lead the development of CNTO 6785 at Janssen R&D. The common theme throughout Mark's career has been to bring diverse experts together into a high performing, cross functional development team despite disciplinary, geographic, organizational or cultural barriers. His special passion is for the early stages, when the team (and perhaps the sponsor too) have not yet defined a R&D strategy to match the corporate vision and goals. Mark brings his experience and know-how, coaching the project and management teams on global team leadership, product development and management, and international collaboration. You can learn more about Mr. Winnett and BLC at www.biotechleadership.com

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