Fontacea was invited to participate in the "ICBC Cup · Shanghai Lingang Innovative Design and Entrep

         Fontacea was invited to participate in the "ICBC Cup · Shanghai Lingang Innovative Design and Entrepreneurship Show" (hereinafter referred to as "Show")" that has recently completed its debut. The first show was a biomedicine special session. More than a hundred guests from more than 30 financial institutions and industrial companies attended the show and had face-to-face exchanges with relevant companies.

Tong Chen, Strategy Executive Director Fontacea (Shanghai), also emphasized to the reporters: "Advanced treatment technologies have created more possibilities for drug development, and also provided the possibility of using novel mechanisms for single or multiple targets. While selecting high-quality projects at different development stages on a global scale, the company has begun to establish antibody discovery platforms in Shanghai and Shenzhen branches to further expand the company's self-research pipeline and self-research projects in order to avoid crowded space and achieve differentiated competition."

Hong Wen, a partner of the Shanghai Biopharmaceutical Industry Equity Investment Fund, also affirmed Fontacea in the interview: Take Fontacea as an example to look at the license in model. The investors mainly focus on whether they have channels to continue to obtain good products overseas, whether the team has a unique vision, and whether there is any value-added part in the follow-up R&D service process. As for nuclear medicine medical equipment, we will pay more attention to the issue of corporate intellectual property rights, "of course, we need to pay attention about whether the founder can devote himself to this company."

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